Sep 9, 2011

Letter From Poppy

Posted by Poppy on at 6:00 pm

Hello Weeble,

I did not write to you before because I did not want to cause more sadness to your parents. I read letters from your Mommy and Daddy and Aunt Tricia a couple of times and just got sad myself.  I do miss you terribly.  There are lots of other grandchildren to love and a heart big enough for love for each of them but a very large Weeble sized and shaped chunk of this old heart went away.

I was raised for men not to cry but to “man up” to cover those emotions over but it does not work.

What really caused me to write today is that two days ago I was sitting in my rocker on the front porch, you know where you used to look out your window and call to Nanny and me.

I was alone, Nanny was inside doing something and suddenly there you were, in my face and kissing my head.

My belief tells me you cannot see us or communicate with us, you cannot be sad and seeing loved ones cry makes us sad.  But you did communicate with me if only in my day dream.

I went to your web page and read the latest letters from your Mom and Dad and felt so helpless. You know Poppy is Mr. Fix It but I cannot fix it.

Your Dad is my little boy and I love him very much and since he brought your Mom here I have come to love her like my daughter also.  So I know how broken they are and I cannot fix it.

I love you and I know how you loved me and I know we will resume right where we left off some day.

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