Jun 27, 2011

We Miss You!

Posted by Mommy on at 12:12 am

We miss you like crazy, little Muffin! This grief is a physical pain. Just as my heart used to swell with joy when I held you and played games with you and sang songs with you, so now it swells with grief and pain at the absence of those joys.

I just boxed up all the sympathy cards people sent when you died. It was very kind of people to reach out to us and show they care. On the wall in the study, there is still a bulletin board full of the cards people sent when you were born. Even when you were alive, those cards made me so happy that I couldn’t bear to take them down. I still can’t. Birth cards and death cards and too little time in between.

We used to have our Weeble, now we have a mountain of grief. Four months seems like just a little chip out of that mountain. Only Jesus knows how long it will be before we see you again. I hope He comes today. Every day without you hurts too much.

Love, Mommy

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