May 10, 2011

Aunt Tricia’s Dream

Posted by Aunt Tricia on at 12:20 am

I was with you this morning. You were wearing your little yellow chickie boots and gray shorts. Your blond hair was tangled and curled…all over the place as usual. You looked beautiful. You were smiling and running and talking a mile a minute…telling me about the animals-the puppies and horses. For a moment I worried that they would nip at you, but then you were off and running again. Your blue eyes were twinkling with all of the fun we were having. But I knew. I knew there was some reason it couldn’t last. There was, in my mind, only a week left. So we played and we ran and you showed me everything. Where were we? Then I saw your daddy. I told him I was glad I hadn’t known that it would end, because there never would have been enough time. He sat down in the recliner and cried- as I have seen him do so many times in the past 10 weeks. He looked so old as he asked me, “How is it so easy for me to imagine you and for you to imagine me?” I didn’t understand what he meant; I still don’t. Then I woke up and you were gone-again. And I wondered: had your daddy been dreaming of you too, and will you come back to see me again?

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