Apr 5, 2011

The Day

Posted by Daddy on at 2:01 pm

The Day
Troy Eckhardt

A day like many others and horribly unique
amid the other seven: an ordinary week.

The family was busy, engaged in weekend tasks
and building childhood memories just as in weekends past.

The toil was fulfilling. The company was great.
Each member had a purpose in the duties on that date.

A task not on the checklist, completed on that day
has filled our hearts with sadness since the time you went away.

Our feeble hearts were broken but you also made us proud
as your journey took you northward past the treeline and the clouds.

We know that you are happy and you’ll never be alone
for you met the Great Redeemer when the angel bore you home.

Very soon we’ll be there with you – in a circle holding hands,
when the last of us finds shelter far beyond the Shadowlands.

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